Saturday, April 28 2018

Opening Day
Designated Trout Ponds and Fly-Fishing Only Ponds

Brook Trout, Brown
Trout, Rainbow Trout
and their hybrids

Open water
(ice-out to ice-in) (non-Designated)

5 fish or 5 pounds daily limit, whichever is
reached first; no length limit.

Many waterbodies with trout have special rules—see page
12 in the NHF&G Freshawater Fishing Digest. Designated trout ponds and fly-fishing-only
ponds open
the fourth Saturday in April and close Oct. 15. Lake Trout and
Salmon Lakes are closed to taking trout from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31.
Designated wild trout ponds open the fourth Saturday in April
through Labor Day

Designated trout ponds are closed to ice fishing.