Saturday, September 15 2018

Turkey Season Opens
Sep 15 - Dec 15

For details on seasons, shooting hours, and other rules, please consult the NH Hunting and Trapping Digest.
It is unlawful to take a turkey with a rifle, dogs, electronic calling devices, live decoys, or while it is perched in a tree.
EXCEPTION: Dogs are allowed during the NH fall turkey season only to facilitate the hunter in breaking up the flocks.
If using a bow, it must be at least a 30-pound-pull bow.
The name and address of the archer shall be plainly printed on each arrow. Fixed blade broadheads shall not be less than 7/8 inch wide. Retractable blade broadheads may be smaller than 7/8 inch wide in flight, but not less than 7/8 inch wide when open. There is no maximum size restriction on fixed blade or retractable blade broadheads.
The turkey must be tagged immediately upon killing. Registration is required, and the bird must be fully feathered and intact, but may be gutted. A $2 registration fee is required.
Companion hunting: A person who has taken a turkey may assist another properly licensed turkey hunter by calling only. The person assisting by calling shall not possess a firearm or bow and arrow.