Saturday, April 8 2017

Excruciathlon VI
Mudder Biathlon Shoot
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Excruciathlon VI - Saturday April 8th 9am registration till it's done

This event is for Green NES Forum Members (anyone who participated last year is grandfathered) and MRGCI Members who pay $31 (PayPal) or $30 (Snail Mail) by Tuesday April 28th, who read and sign the waiver forms on that day, and can legally possess a firearm (possess doesn't just mean own, it can simply mean touch other words you're not a felon or are restricted by some other legal means). Each member of the pair must pay the entry fee, and a meal is included for each paid participant.

A timed course where marksmanship (accuracy) is measured while under the stress of physical challenges

Monadnock Rod and Gun Club
595 Jaffrey Road/Route 202W
Peterborough, NH 03458

9am Saturday April 8, 2017 (Competition starts 10am and runs till completed)
Club will be open for participant campers on Friday March 30th in the afternoon after 4:30pm

Contestants compete in pairs using rifles and pistols calibered in common "defensive" cartridges: A rifle in a "defensive" caliber, and multiple magazines for convenience ...though lever-action is okay too (more cogent info below). No calibers smaller than 9x19, and nothing larger than 30.06. (9mm, .40, .45, .223/5.56, 5.45, 7.62x39, .30 carbine, .308, etc)- No Armor Piercing, Steel Core or Incendiary Ammunition ...this will be checked and enforced.

Outline of the Excruciathlon VI Mudder-Biathlon Competition

ATTENTION - The description that follows is a generic outline, please refer to other online documentation for the exact course requirements that will be published as the date nears

• In this two-man team competition, the competitors run in segmented distances varying from 200 to 1000 yards. Overall covering from 2000-3000 yards. Parts of each segment often require carrying bulky/heavy items purposely used to induce fatigue in the competitors. When the biathlete has completed the run/carry for that segment of the competition, he stops to shoot for accuracy at paper or metal targets, having either a clear or obstructed-view.

• Scoring is calculated by adding the running time from start to finish along with any penalty time for shooting inaccuracy.

• During the entire competition, from start to finish, the clock is running for the competitor - there is no time-out during the shooting portion.

• All shooting occurs from a set distance of 100 yards. Some of which occurs behind a V-TAC-style barricade at metal targets. And some of which occurs in the open range on paper targets in different shooting positions.

• There are three shooting positions: Standing, Kneeling, and Prone

• Target diameters range in size from 8 inches to 24 inches.

• Teams are assigned numbers to identify them during the competition. These numbers are also used to designate their assigned shooting lanes on the firearms range.

• The penalty imposed for each miss at the paper targets is twenty seconds of added time for each team.

• There is no time penalty enforced for missing the steel targets per se. The steel targets must be struck a total of eight times from eight different positions behind the V-TAC barricade before proceeding to the next challenge. So, the only penalty imposed is the time that is required to complete the task. However, if you fail to strike the steel plate from each position, and have tried each position, you may choose to move on taking a two minute penalty.

• In essence, the competitor starts at the start line, runs one course segment (length depending on the competition), comes to the range and shoots, runs another segment, shoots, and so on, finishing with a run to the registration area to stop the clock.

• Teams start one at a time with a 10 minute interval between starts.

• Running Portion: Competitors will be running while carrying buckets of water (significant spillage will be penalized by having to repeat the segment), carrying logs, and other sundry tasks. One member of the team may pick up the slack if the other member cannot complete the task.

• Load Out:
o Steel: Enough for eight strikes on a 10" steel plate at 100 yards through a V-TAC barricade …can you make it in eight shots or will it take thirty shots? If you do not complete the task, add two minutes to your time.

o Paper: Sixty shots on still to be determined paper targets at 100 yards over three separate sessions (segments). A 20 second penalty will be enforced per miss.

• Optimal Load-Out Configuration:
o Total of four magazines - Three magazines containing twenty-rounds, and one magazine containing enough cartridges to complete the V-TAC barricade exercise (minimum of eight cartridges).