Friday, June 24 2016
5:00pm - 8:00pm

Enough of the hand work was accomplished yesterday so that today's tentative work party has been postponed. Some machine work today perhaps, and we will schedule another future date for some more handwork next week, so please remain aware. Thank you.

ATTENTION: There will be a work party on Thursday June 23rd and possible Friday June 24th to replace the remaining bridge material and fix the installed culverts along the 3D Archery course along the brook on the street-side of the pond. There will be equipment moving dirt and detritus.

Bring gloves and iron rakes and pointed shovels if you have them. The equipment will start working just before 12:00PM on Thursday, and continue till dark if necessary. There is a distinct possibility that a similar day will follow on Friday the 24th.

In the meantime, feel free to walk the trails and remove any old boards that are attached to, or are off of the existing bridges along the path. Everything but the telephone poles must go.

Club Member Chris Tremblay has a pile of stones to donate to the cause. He lives very close to the Club. If you can pick up a load of those and deliver them to the street-side of the dam, please do so. Please contact Chris for details at, and be sure to specify the subject matter.